11/0 Japanese Seed Bead, Permanent Metallic Rusty Red P489


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11/11/0 Japanese Seed Bead, Permanent Metallic Rusty Red P489

11/0 Japanese Seed Beads are the “standard” size for most Beadwork. They are perfect for many projects including Native American style beadwork, Waist beads,  Bead Embroidery and are used in many beadwork patterns. Japanese seed beads have larger holes than their Czech counterparts, making them the preferred beads for stitches like Peyote, Brick and Herringbone. We sell most Japanese beads by the 6″ tube. Each tube holds approximately 1 ounce. There are approximately 3,000 beads per ounce and 17 beads per inch.

Toho Permanent Metallic Seed Beads are Hot, Hot, Hot! Fantastic array of Metallic colors that won’t fade! These beads are the most sophisticated colors there are! Enjoy!

  • $8.00 per tube
  • $40.00 for 6 tubes
  • $73.00 for 18 tubes (1/2 kilo)

Made in: Japan
Manufacturer: Toho
Universal Color #: P489
Outside Diameter: 2.2mm
Hole Size: 0.7mm
Needle Size: 10 or smaller
Thread Size: 6lb Fireline, Size D Nymo or equivalent, or S-Lon cord.

Weight 30 g
11/0 Japanese 8.00

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