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Japanese seed beads, Czech seed beads and many new shaped seed beads, Bugle and Pony Beads along with Charlotte cuts, and Fire polish beads. The Garden of Beadin’ has been servicing the beading community since 1985. The Garden of Beadin’ carries a full line of colorful Japanese and Czech seed beads, Bugle and Pony Beads along with a large array of Charlotte cuts in 4 sizes, Fire polish, sparkling Austrian Crystals, Delicas, semi-precious stones and beautiful ethnic beads. You will also find a large array of beading needles & threads, bead and beading books, clasps, earring wires and hundreds of jewelry making supplies and accessories.

We also offer Free Tips & Tricks of the trade for our friends of the beading community and occasional beading classes and lessons at our retail store.


Popular Products:

Czech and Japanese Seed Beads

Czech and Japanese Seed Beads - Garden of Beadin'

We carry Size 3/0 Japanese Seed Beads, Size 6/0 Japanese and 6/0 Czech Seed Beads, Size 8/0 Japanese and 8/0 Czech Seed Beads, some specialty 10/0 Czech Beads, Size 11/0 Japanese and 11/0 Czech Seed Beads, Size 14/0 Czech and Size 15/0 Japanese.

Miyuki Delicas in 3 sizes, Charlotte Cuts in 4 sizes, Two cuts in size 8/0’s and 11/0’s, Japanese Hex Cuts, Size 9/0 and 12/0 Three Cut Czech Beads and Bugles in more sizes.


Czech Fire Polish Beads

Japanese seed beads - Czech Fire Polish Beads - Garden of Beadin'

Fire Polished Beads are created by hand at the factory Preciosa in the Czech Republic.
Fantastically vibrant faceted beads, they have served as an economical alternate to leaded crystal since they are lead free.

The beads are machine faceted then heated so the edges are smoothed to a shine, hence the name “Fire Polish”. A fine addition to any work of art or craft project you might be working on!


Beading Threads, Cords & Wires

Beading Threads, Cords & Wires - Garden of Beadin' - Japanese seed beads

Beading Threads & Jewelry Making Wires of the highest quality – Ideal for arts & crafts as well as beading and jewelry making. Hundreds of colors sizes and types to choose from. Quality manufacturers like Fireline, Nymo, Power Pro, Soft Flex, Stretch Magic and many more.

And of course they come in every color, size and shape you might need as well! We also carry all the basic tools you could need for jewelry making and crafting.



Bead Show Schedule!

Request your FREE Intergem Bead & Gem and Jewelry Show tickets Do you want to touch the beads?  Want to figure out your bead needs in person?

We attend many Bead and Gem and Jewelry shows throughout California and occasionally further than that.

Please check out our Calendar for what shows we will be attending and offering free tickets to.
Our Calendar also includes our Beading Class schedule that are in house.
Please click here for our show and beading class schedule.

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