Size D S-Lon Bead Thread Mix, Basic Colors 1 each of colors, 1 dozen total


Size D S-Lon Bead Thread Mix, Basic Colors 1 each of colors 1 dozen total S-Lon is a Nylon Monocord. Parallel fiber thread will fit a #12 needle.


Size D S‐Lon Bead Thread Mix,  Basic Colors 1 each of colors 1 dozen total

$17.50 for a dozen
Includes White, Ash, Black, Brow, Burgundy, Charcoal, Chocolate, Dark Cream, Gold, Light Brown, Light Copper and Sienna

S-Lon is a Nylon Monocord. This parallel fiber thread will fit through a #12 needle.
It has the feel  Nymo but comes close to the strength of Power Pro. It can be used for all types of beadwork: 
Peyote Stitch, Brick Stitch, Loom Warping, off loom projects, netting, fringe and many other multi pass bead stitches. This great thread has virtually no stretch.


Weight 50 g


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