S-Lon Micro Macrame/Kumihimo Cord, 12/77 yard spool, Spring Mix (colors 1C-12C)


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Enjoy this fantastic Spring  mix of S-Lon Bead Cord!

Contains one of each of the following colors: Coral Pink, Pink, Dark Red, Wine, Light Orchid, Rose, Blush, Lavender, Orchid, Plum, Purple and Violet.

Perfect thread for incorporating beads into Kumihimo Braiding!
S-Lon bead cord is .5 mm 3-ply twisted, bonded multifilament nylon cord.
Perfect for 6/0’s,8/0’s, 11/0’s and other shaped seed beads with at least a .8mm hole.
Create beautiful Kumihimo, macrame and bead crochet pieces.
Originally manufactured for Micro-Macrame, S-Lon is a perfect alternative,
strong thread for knotting stone or glass beads and comes in an array of many fantastic colors.
S-Lon and C-Lon are the same exact product made by the same manufacture.
$54.50 for 1 dozen spools

Weight 180 g


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