Bead Pro Simple Stringer



The BeadPRO allows you to take pre-strung or loose beads and string them onto permanent threading effortlessly. Instead of cutting beads off the hanks and stringing them one by one you can restring them with the BeadPRO. You can create beaded curtains in just hours, waistbead sets in minutes and much much more!

• Take a strand of the pre-strung beads and suspend them across the BeadPRO tray by the ends just under the rubber knobs and wrap once in a clockwise direction. Tighten the rubber knobs and the pre-strung beads will line and ready to be restrung onto your permanent wire or string and needle.
• Now you don’t even have to count the beads – using the BeadPRO separating tool, just separate a row out in the desired amount of beads for your pattern. Start from the right side if right handed and the left side for left handed users. String on the selected row of pre-strung beads ~ pull the wire or string all the way through. Then add on a pattern of accent beads and focal Beads to create a pattern. Separate out another measured row with your separating tool again, same measurement, string them, and you now have a perfect custom pattern. Repeat these steps until you reach your desired length.
• When finished or you run out of beads on the temporary string, release your knob and pull all the newly strung beads onto your permanent string or wire alone. Finish the piece with clasps or togles. Instructions are included with your BeadPRO Beading System and Tray. Be creative with your colors and have fun creating custom bead creations!

Weight 905.6 g
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 2 in


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