8/0 Czech Two Cut Seed Bead, Grey Satin Tint



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8/0 Czech Two Cut Seed Bead, Grey Satin Tint

Czech seed beads shaped as a short cylinder are called Two-Cut seed beads. They are produced by cutting glass tubes with a round hole and a hexagonal surface. These edges enable the seed beads to shine and highlight their appearance. Two cuts are great for French beaded flowers, embroidery on clothing and sparkly fringe work. Tint beads are dyed, but will not fade. There are approximately 11 beads per inch/ 2,600 beads per hank.

  • $8.25 per hank
  • $44.00 for 8 hanks (1/2 kilo)

Made in: Czech Republic
Manufacturer: Preciosa
Mfg. Color #: 05141
Outside Diameter: 2.7mm
Hole Size: 0.8mm
Needle Size: 10 or smaller
Thread Size: 6lb Fireline, Size D Nymo or equivalent

Weight 54 grams
Czech 8/0 2 Cut 7.50



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