8/0 Czech Seed Bead, Waxy Salmon Opal Tint**


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8/0 Czech Seed Bead, Waxy Salmon Opal Tint**

Czech 8/0 seed beads are wonderful medium sized beads that have many uses. They are halfway in between a smaller 11/0 and a larger 6/0 seed bead. They are great for bead weaving, bead embroidery, waist beads or as spacers in between stones. Czech beads are more round than their Japanese counterparts, giving them a more elegant flow. Waxy beads are half-way between opaque and transparent. They are also known as Greasy or Opal. **Tint beads are dyed, but will NOT fade. They are also called SolGel.

A hank is 12 – 20″ strands. There are approximately 3,120 beads per hank. To keep our prices low, we split the hanks in half. A half hank has approximately 1,560 beads and there are 13 beads per inch.

  • $6.50 per half hank
  • $32.50 for 6 half hanks
  • $50.00 for 12 half hanks (1/2 kilo)

Made in: Czech Republic
Manufacturer: Preciosa
Mfg. Color #: 02291
Outside Diameter: 2.9mm
Hole Size: .8mm
Needle Size: 10 or smaller
Thread Size: 6lb Fireline, Size D Nymo or equivalent, or S-Lon cord.

Weight 38 g
Quantity Option

1/2 hank, 6 half hanks, 1/2 kilo (12+ half hanks)


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