#5 Gunmetal Czech Bugle Bead 1/2 inch 12mm


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#5 Gunmetal Czech Bugle Bead 1/2 inch 12mm

$4.00 – 1 ounce
$28.00 – 9 ounces
$48.00 – 18 ounces (1/2 kilo)

There are approx. 360 beads per ounce for a 12mm, 1/2 inch Bugle bead.
Picture may not be to scale.

Bugle Beads are thin, smooth tubular glass beads used for beaded fringe,
embroidery, costumes design, jewelry, incredible art pieces and much more.
They can be strung, sewn on or glued to many different materials. Due to the
nature of this product and how the glass is cut, each Bugle Bead will differ
slightly in length and/or width; they are occasionally not uniform.
I would always have either an emery board or a metal file on my bead desk to
file the edges of the bugle beads till they were smooth.

Weight 30 g
Bugle #5 4.00

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