11/0 Czech Two Cut Seed Bead, Opaque White Picasso


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11/0 Czech Two Cut Seed Bead, Opaque White Picasso

Czech seed beads shaped as a short cylinder are called Two-Cut seed beads. They are produced by cutting glass tubes with a round hole and a hexagonal surface. These edges enable the seed beads to shine and highlight their appearance. Two cuts are great for French beaded flowers, embroidery on clothing and sparkly fringe work. A Picasso finish is a stone wash look, also known as Travertine. White Travertine is also called Butterscotch. There are approximately 17 beads per inch/ 4,000 beads per hank.

  • $7.00 per hank
  • $35.00 for 6 hanks
  • $65.00 for 1/2 kilo (approx. 14 hanks)

Made in: Czech Republic
Manufacturer: Preciosa
Mfg. Color #: 66209
Outside Diameter: 1.8-2.0mm
Hole Size: 0.7mm
Needle Size: 12 or smaller
Thread Size: 4-6lb Fireline is recommended due to the sharp edges of these beads. Size D Nymo or equivalent can be used for projects that will get little handling.

Weight 34 g
Czech 11/0 2 Cut 7.00

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