11/0 Czech Charlotte/True Cut Seed Bead, Galvanized Silver*


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11/0 Czech Charlotte/True Cut Seed Bead, Galvanized Silver*

Charlotte Cuts are some of the most coveted seed beads there are. This larger size is also called a True Cut. Simple, yet sparkly, with having just one hand facet on each bead. Used in Native American themed beadwork and more!

*Galvanized beads are painted. The color will come off with friction and water. The base bead color is clear, so when the paint begins to come off, you end up with a very vintage looking bead. We suggest these are NOT used for jewelry. We offer other silver beads that will not wear off.

We split the hanks in half to keep them more affordable. There are approximately 20 beads per inch/ 2,250 beads per half-hank.

  • $7.75 per ½ hank
  • $38.75 for 6 ½ hanks
  • call or email for 1/2 kilo availability

Made in: Czech Republic
Manufacturer: Preciosa
Mfg. Color #: 18303
Outside Diameter: 2.1mm
Hole Size: 0.7mm
Needle Size: 12 or smaller
Thread Size: 4lb Fireline, Size D Nymo or equivalent

Weight 20 g
Quantity Option

1/2 hank, 6 half hanks


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