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6/0 Ceylon Grey Czech Seed Bead

6/0 Czech Seed Bead, Ceylon Grey

6/0 Czech Seed Beads are also called "E Beads". They are the perfect size for kids' projects, Native American beadwork, waistbeads, and perfectly integrate into spiral peyote. Ceylon beads are a waxy, alabaster glass bead with a dyed color and luster pearl finish. Is it Grey or Gray? Either way, this is a great neutral color. There are approximately 425 beads per ounce.

*Dyed bead, may fade

  • $2.50 per ounce
  • $17.50 for 9 ounces
  • $28.00 for 18 ounces (1/2 kilo)

Made in: Czech Republic
Manufacturer: Preciosa
Mfg. Color #: 47125
Outside Diameter: 4.1mm
Hole Size: 1mm
Needle Size: 10 or smaller
Thread Size: 6lb Fireline, Size D Nymo or equivalent, or S-Lon cord.

SKU: 19L6
Price: $2.50