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15/0 Japanese Seed Bead Metallic Light Pink Japanese Seed Bead P476

15/0 Permanent Metallic Light Pink Japanese Seed Bead P475

$11.25- 1 Ounce
$56.25- 6 ounces
$111.00 - 18 Ounces (1/2 kilo)
Permanent Finish Galvanized Metallic Seed Beads have a much stronger
durability compared to regular Galvanized Seed Beads, hence the description Permanent.
Permanent Finish Galvanized Seed Beads might come off under certain conditions like strong impact, continuous friction or use of organic solvents like perfume.
15/0 Japanese Seed Beads are fantastic small beads with large holes.
There are approx. 7,890 beads per ounce (6 inch tube)
and approximately 24 beads per inch.
Pictures may or may not be to scale.


Price: $11.25