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Seed Beads & Bugles

Hello Bead Friends,

The Coronavirus is an ever evolving situation. The Garden of Beadin' would like to just say that as long as we can provide beads and beading supplies to you, we will. Our employees will receive any time off they need, with sick pay, so they won't have to worry about paying their bills, should they become sick. This will ensure things go as normally as possible, as long as possible. We will do our best to let you know if/when there is a slowdown.

**Please allow up to a week and a half for all orders to ship.**

All Bead Shows and bead classes have been canceled till further notice.

Our 2/0 importer is OPEN! Woo Hoo! New stock is arriving in a few days!

Our main Czech bead supplier is only shipping packages once a week, on Thursdays. Please expect delays.

The Coronavirus can live on surfaces, but will die in less than 24 hours on cardboard and paper. There is no chance you can receive a virus from mail order suppliers.

For more info on the Coronavirus, visit the CDC's website: CDC.gov

Best wishes,
Garden of Beadin' Mail Order