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Premium quality 15/0 Japanese Seed Beads - In just about every style and color in the rainbow! We carry a variety of Japanese 15/0's from Miyuki and Toho factories. There are approx. 6,900 beads per ounce (6 inch tube) and approximately 24 beads per inch. 15/0 Japanese Seed Beads are fantastic small beads with large holes.

If you have been ordering Japanese 14/0's with us, we have now changed them to 15/0's to keep with industry standards. The only part of the SKU's that are different is the last number. If they used to have a number 4 at the end, they will now have a number 5 as their last number. J1A94 is now J1A95

They are the same exact beads as before! The last number in the title is the universal order number.