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8/0 Japanese Miyuki, Opaque Red Picasso 4513

8/0 Japanese Miyuki, Opaque Red Picasso 4513

  • $6.50 - 1 Tube
  • $32.50 - 6 Tubes
  • $57.00 - (½ kilo)

Some of the yummiest beads we carry! Picasso finish has multiple shades splattered on the bead lending a stone effect.
Travertine has only one shade added to the outside of the bead. Stone effect is a white bead with said color splattered over the bead. 

Size 8/0's are a wonderful medium sized seed  bead that can be used for a multiple of uses.
They are halfway in between a smaller 11/0 and a larger 6/0 seed bead.
They can be used as spacer beads in between stones, bead weaving, peyote stitch,
bead embroidery and Kumihimo braiding are just a few applications.
There are approx. 13 beads per inch and there are approx. 800 beads per 6 inch tube.
Japanese 8/0 seed beads measure 3mm x 2mm with a hole size of 1to 1.2mm
Picture may or may not to be to scale

Made in: Japan
Mfg: Miyuki
Universal  Ordering #: 4513
Outside Diameter: 3.2mm
Hole Size: 1mm to 1.2mm
Needle Size: 10 or 12
Thread Size: 8lb Fireline, Size D Nymo or SLon D beading thread or equivalent, 
can also use SLON Tex 210 (Regular Size) perfect for Macrame for  Kumihimo.

Price: $6.50